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Queer Horror Halloween

  • The Hollywood Theatre 4122 Northeast Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR, 97212 United States (map)
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The Hollywood Theatre’s bimonthly program QUEER HORROR reanimates its annual short film festival with a Halloween scream! Celebrating one year of women-centric programming, QUEER HORROR HALLOWEEN showcases short films by local and national filmmakers specifically commissioned by hostess-with-the-grossest Carla Rossi with one guideline: make it Satanic and make it feminist. For that extra skip in our swamp witch step, each film is followed by a live death metal burlesque performance by the women of SIGN OF THE BEAST BURLESQUE! Followed immediately by an after-party and costume contest at The Know, QUEER HORROR HALLOWEEN is the reason for the season and a hallowed black mass for women who rise up, rage, and reject!

Friday, October 27th | 9:30 PM | $10 |



QUEER HORROR is a bimonthly festival of genre works by queer artists, performers, and filmmakers questioning horror’s relation to queerness and what it means to identify with the monster. Maybe it’s the fact that queer people are so often relegated to shadows of otherness that the horror genre is more immediately relatable for us. We grew up with boogeymen. We’ve lived with boogeymen. Goblins and ghosts are a welcome escape from real-life monstrosities.

From the work of James Whale and John Waters to Patricia Highsmith and Clive Barker, horror has deeply impacted queer culture and sensibilities and QUEER HORROR asks why. QUEER HORROR is programmed and hosted by Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi and her human avatar Anthony Hudson, with artwork by resident artist Jason Edward Davis. Crawl into the crypt at